Calichi On St. John
Welcome to Calichi At Picture Point

Calichi at Picture Point is a private enclave consisting of six modern, luxurious, private, stand-alone villas surrounding a world class resort pool and spa complex. Great for couples and families, Calichi at Picture Point is a perfect destination for large groups, weddings and family reunions.We've built a complete St. John experience with personalized concierge service to make sure your visit to our wonderful island is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Featured Properties

The Orchid Villa

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The Guava House

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The Papaya House

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The Bougainvillea Villa

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The Royal Palm Villa

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The Tower Villa

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The Virgin Islands National Park is St. John's largest and most popular attraction. It covers 3/5 of St.  John's landmass and includes 12,624 land and marine acres that encompass pristine beaches, coral reefs, hiking trails, wild donkeys and 800 types of plants. There are also ancient artifacts from the pre-Columbian settlers and remnants of colonial sugar plantations. Twenty-two hiking trails cover more than 20 miles.
For more information on the National Park you can visit the Visitor’s Center in Cruz Bay.


This lovely little town, known locally as "Love City," is the heart of St. John. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and bars, which are all within easy walking distance of each other. You can easily spend an afternoon lazily wandering around soaking in the mellow, laid-back vibe and charm of the town or dining in high class restaurants. There truly is something for everyone in Cruz Bay.


One of the few places in the Caribbean that you can still find pristine snorkeling right off the beaches! No need to spend money to rent a boat and guide if you want to be mesmerized by an underwater world of fish and coral that surpasses anything you've seen in your local aquarium!! Equipment rentals are available on island and our staff can assist you on finding the best spots!