Calichi at Picture Point is committed to taking steps to lessen the environmental impact of our guests and grounds on the island of St. John. Everyday we are taking steps to strengthen our relationship with the world around us while still providing our guests with a high-end experience.

Tesla Batteries, where we store the sun!

Power is one of the most inconsistent and expensive necessities in the Virgin Islands. The island experienced over 25 power outages between June and September 2019, but Calichi was able to avoid interruption of power with the addition of the solar panels and Tesla batteries on site. We have over 300 solar panels and 20 batteries for the storage of solar energy. The collection of one of our most renewable resources, sunlight, allows the guests to rest comfortably knowing they will have climate control, flushable toilets and cold food storage no matter the situation at the power production plant, because we do not use power from the grid. Not only do we run on the sun all day and the energy we have stored in the batteries all night, there is actually a negative footprint! 

Capturing and filtering our own water

If you have visited the United States Virgin Islands before you are familiar with the most precious resource of all, fresh water. Outside of the town center of Cruz Bay, most homes and business rely on the cistern system, and we are not an exception. Cisterns collect rainwater rather than being connected to water that is piped in from a sanitiation center, we collect our water via rain and use it on property. It is run through a UV filter for drinking water and shower water, it is filtered and used for the pool, hot tub and the watering of plants. Additionally, we have a grey water system that uses filter water from the homes drainage systems to irrigate the plants on property. Grey water is waste water from home use, think the kitchen sink, that doesn't contain fecal materials. The use of grey water greatly cuts down on water usage while ensuring our plant life stays healthy and happy. Unfortunately in times of drought or decreased times of rain, we must purchase and bring in water, so please use your water sparingly, only use the washing machine and dishwasher when the loads are full, turn off the water while brushing your teeth and don't run the water when you are showering, the cool water is quite refreshing when you've spent all day in the hot Caribbean sun!

The Pool

Not only is the water collected from the skies for use in the pool, but we use an oxygen cleaning system. This allows our water to be incredibly pure, gentle on your eyes and skin and safe for all ages. We use an oxygen cleaning system on our pool that eliminates the use of most chemicals.

Eco friendly cleaning products and hygiene products

Our most recent stand to make the environment our priority was a switch to eco friendly cleaning products and eco friendly hygiene products provided to our guests in the villas.  Working together with The St. John Eco Station, we provide our housekeeping staff with green cleaning products in reuseable containers. These products provide a powerful clean to our surfaces without dangerous odors or leftover residues. For guest use you will find these awesome products too, the complimentary dish soap and dishwasher detergent are made of eco-friendly materials, no harsh chemicals here. Our favorite is the laundry detergent and fabric softener which has a light scent and are gentle on fabrics and perfect for sensitive skin. In our bathrooms, you will find shampoo bars and bars of soap made from all natural materials, these individual bars are wrapped in a cellulose wrapping which breaks down in landfills unlike plastics. We will soon carry reef safe sunscreen that protects the wearer from the sun while protecting our vunerable sealife from the chemicals of traditional sunscreens.