Mill work. Finally!

The Dawgs gave it everything they had, but it was just not meant to be this year.  Those kids played their hearts out.  Alabama has built a dynasty, but the Dawg's are on the right track to compete at the highest level.  Hopefully this year I'll actually be able to watch some games at home.  Still no TV or Internet at Apito, but at least we have power. After three weeks in Miami waiting on a cargo boat, and another three weeks on St Thomas waiting on a trailer for transport, the mill work finally arrived last week.  After two days of unpacking and shuttling kitchen cabinets, closets, entertainment units, shelving, and wood working tools from the trailer to the site, Larry and team are ready to start installing. [gallery ids="6469" type="rectangular"] With the arrival of the correct hardware and tracks for the closets and interior doors, the team can now finish up the door installation and final plastering can be applied.  Here are some of the components for the cedar lined closets. [gallery ids="6470,6468,6472" type="rectangular"] Now that Larry has the tools to install the door handles, these beauties are ready to have final handle hardware installed, and we can seal up this wall! FullSizeRender_6 These are just some of the pieces the crew unpacked from the container.  This week should prove to be a whirlwind of activity as finishing out the interiors of the top two units is about to begin in earnest.  It's about to get real!  The furniture is waiting on St. Thomas to be delivered, and we have everything we need to finally finish off the interiors of the top two villas. [gallery ids="6467,6469,6474" type="rectangular"] The crew was able to get the Vulkem, a waterproofing sealant, applied to the rear of the units and are ready to apply the plaster to the entries of the villas. [gallery ids="6466,6465,6463" type="rectangular"] The crew  also finished forming for the southern pavilion of the pool area. FullSizeRender_4 The light wasn't so great on this photo, but the area underneath the pavilion roof will have seating dinner for 8-10 under shade. FullSizeRender_1 Once we get a few days break from rain, Wayne will be able to finish grading the northern end of the pool complex and back fill behind the 14' retaining walls for the northern pavilion. [gallery ids="6478,6477" type="rectangular"] The guys picked up another 50 buckets of TotalWall this week as plastering continues on the two poolside villas.  Our tile guy is finally back on island, so next up is floor tile for each of the poolside villas. FullSizeRender_3 It is a beautiful day today on St. John, and I'm seeing more and more tourists coming back and enjoying what St. John has to offer.  We also learned that Charlotte and Cameron are coming back on February 7th.  Yay! Here's your weekly dose of Cameron.  Before she left, she was almost walking and now she's running around and dancing! [gallery ids="6482,6480,6476,6475" type="rectangular"] Ting is also enjoying a quiet Sunday. FullSizeRender_1 (2) Have a great week everyone and go Eagles!