Kitchens, vanities and tiles - oh my!

Last week was pretty good for finishes, and this week will only get better.  A few items have been holding us up.  The first being the total lack of plastering sand on ANY Virgin Island.  Most of the fine white sand used for making plaster in this region comes from Barbuda, which, as you may recall was basically abandoned after Irma and Maria struck.  To overcome this obstacle, we had mortar mix shipped in directly from Miami. On top of that, the batch plant at the concrete plant was down for 4 days due to a broken, ripped conveyor belt.  So, concrete for the pool complex on Wednesday, a retaining wall on Friday and hopefully we'll be back on track in the concrete department. Apologies for the delay in this weeks post, but Sunday was a pot-luck affair at Trunk Bay for all the new moms and dads on St. John and their babies!  I counted 36 little ones and everyone seemed to have a great time. FullSizeRender_21 Now onto the construction update for this week.  The painter started this week and got the cabinets for the upper 1BR villa primed and ready for a final coat. FullSizeRender_8 It's been super breezy this week, so he actually set up his spray painting setup in the living room of the villa.  Nice view though! FullSizeRender_7 Larry and Conner moved onto the Tower Villa and installed the kitchen, the master vanity, sink for the guest bath vanity including the kitchen sink. FullSizeRender_12 Master bathroom vanity installed.  This is ready for some tile now. FullSizeRender_14 Here's the vanity sink for the Tower villa in place. FullSizeRender_13 And finally, the kitchen sink! FullSizeRender (24) Poolside villa # 2 has just received its floor tile and is ready for door hanging, wall closure and finish coat of plaster. [gallery ids="6525,6524" type="rectangular"] Poolside Villa #1 is next on the list for its floor tile this week. FullSizeRender_5 While the crew was waiting on concrete, the 1BR honeymoon villa got some love and is waiting on some replacement windows for the ones lost to Irma to arrive from the states to move to the next level of completion. [gallery ids="6541,6540,6538" type="columns"] Here's your weekly dose of Cameron fun as she enjoyed family fun day on the beach. [gallery ids="6550,6549,6548,6547" type="columns"] Having mom and dad around made the day that much more special! FullSizeRender_22 On our way to Trunk Bay yesterday morning, we spied some real sand castle building talent occurring at Maho Bay. FullSizeRender_19 Have a great week everyone!