Cami Conquers Calichi!

We're so happy to have Cami back on St. John.  Yesterday was her first visit to the Picture Point since she left days before Irma hit. FullSizeRender_5 Still no concrete as the pump truck broke down on the way to the barge on Wednesday morning.  :(  So, we're on the schedule again for Tuesday...  The painter also went AWOL after priming the first set of cabinets this week, so off to find another painter!  :( However, the tile guys did finish off Poolside Villa #2 and as we walked in to check it out, we were blown away at the perfect framing of the view.  Time to hang some doors. FullSizeRender_15 The view from Poolside Villa #2's master bedroom is simply off the charts. FullSizeRender_14FullSizeRender_13 The entry to Poolside Villa #2 is ready for TotalWall. FullSizeRender_16 Poolside Villa #1 has its floor tile almost complete, and the tiling crew will start on the bathrooms this week. FullSizeRender_11 Poolside Villa #1's view is also pretty darn sweet. FullSizeRender_10 Larry also got the shelving installed in the bathrooms and final plastering for the top two villas is complete.  It's ready for tile and paint!!! FullSizeRender_9 Wayne also made a lot of progress preparing the parking area for the Tower Villa this week.  We'll be ready to start pouring the upper road very soon. [gallery ids="6587,6585,6588" type="rectangular"] The Tower Villa and Upper 1BR villa are getting the final touches... FullSizeRender_2 (2) The office and laundry structures are framed and waiting. [gallery ids="6583,6582" type="rectangular"] We also took a ride out to Concordia on the South Shore to see what's left of the eco-resort.  It's a shame, and the structures are a total loss, but it is still beautiful. FullSizeRender_1 (2) After our visit, we went to Skinny's to grab a burger and saw this newest little addition to the Coral Bay community. FullSizeRender (2) Yesterday was beautiful, and we took advantage by heading to the beach for a few hours.  Cami is one beach loving little girl. [gallery ids="6558,6556,6557,6559" type="square"] Have a great week everyone!