Patti O' Furniture

Patti O' Furniture is one of my favorite St Patrick's day jokes, although this meme is pretty good too. Leprekhan Our patio furniture did arrive on island this week, and contains some nice pieces for the pool along with a few of these pool lounge chairs. In Pool Chaise Lounge And given that this is the Patti O' Furniture post, here are a few of the items that will be utilized in making the pool area comfy and inviting. Sofa [gallery ids="6744,6745,6743" type="rectangular"] Shane, our pool designer and Tom, his pool system designer/expert plumber, installed the pool equipment this week, and I had a chance to learn a bit more about how this system will manage a 28,000 gallon pool with an infinity edge water feature.  With an ozone treatment system, the water will be purer than bottled water and with the large heat pump, warmed to a comfortable 84-85 degrees.  Variable speed pumps,  paired with internet connected monitoring and control, will allow an efficient and modern pool management system. FullSizeRender_18 The painters continue putting coats onto the cabinet fronts for the top four villas.  The 1BR has become a temporary painting/drying room as all of the doors are being done one time.  The painting is complete in this kitchen, but it is best to get all the doors painted while the painters are already set up. FullSizeRender_5 Once the back splash tile is in place, the kitchen will really pop. FullSizeRender_3 The electricians have also completed the ceiling light and fan installation. FullSizeRender_9 The upper 1 bedroom's bathroom is now ready for final grouting and fixture installation. FullSizeRender_6 FullSizeRender_7 The shower also features a linear drain and curb-less entry. FullSizeRender_8 The outside parking area for the upper 1 bedroom is now been plastered and waiting on its coat of TotalWall. [gallery ids="6727,6726" type="rectangular"] The footings have been formed for the retaining wall which will secure the drive leading to the parking area, a few additional parking spaces close to the pool and a staircase to the pool deck. These will be poured tomorrow afternoon, with a retaining wall form soon behind and poured either this week or early next week.  Then we can start building the final drive way. [gallery ids="6725,6716" type="rectangular"] The Tower Villa entry way and Tower are ready for the final coat of TotalWall now that it has been properly plastered with flashing in place.  The parking area has been fully excavated with stairs soon to come. FullSizeRender_17 The Tower villa is now getting the secondary bathroom tiled, and it also received surface mounted ceiling lights and fans. FullSizeRender_16 The guest bedroom is almost complete and awaiting closets, bed frame and side fixture installation.  We will also install a small valance to hide the track for the blackout floor to ceiling curtains.  The sun comes up early on this end of the island! FullSizeRender_15 The interior is looking good, but let's admit it.  The view is simply unreal. FullSizeRender_14 Cami came by yesterday, and we hung out, watched some Sesame Street and had a great time! [gallery ids="6736,6737,6738,6739" type="square"] Have a great week everyone!  Here's a some Ting to close out this week's blog. ting.jpg