Staging the appliances, finalizing exteriors and driveways

Maddeningly close. The painters continue applying coats of paint, stain and polyurethane, and the electricians are pulling lots of wire, installing all the outlets and exterior lighting.   [gallery ids="6770,6777" type="rectangular"] The poly finish on the mahogany looks absolutely beautiful. IMG_7054IMG_7056 The headboards are also looking great, and after having the interior panels stained, are ready for a coat or two of polyurethane. IMG_7046IMG_7042 The plastering crew has been applying TotalWall and plaster to finish up the exteriors.  The entrance to the Tower Villa and upper 1BR villa is almost complete.  We'll be installing Resysta, stained walnut brown, on the inset portions of each villa entry. Here's an example of Resysta installed as siding. Resysta The scaffolding is now off the entry for each villa! IMG_7077IMG_7120 IMG_7079 The upper 1BR villa is almost there. IMG_7048 The poolside villas are moving forward with plastering, tiling entry ways and finishing off the forming for the stairs. IMG_7096 Stairs formed to access Poolside Villa #1. IMG_7099 The tile is in place on the ledge, so plastering this entryway is not far behind. IMG_7100 Poolside Villa #2 is full of kitchen cabinets and appliances. IMG_7037 After these pocket doors have been mortised, the final durock and plaster can be applied. IMG_7034 The Tower Villa is staged with appliances, and custom mill work in the final phase of finishing. IMG_7070 The view looks like Photoshop, but fortunately, it is not! IMG_7074 An few obligatory art shots...IMG_7060 IMG_7066 The crew will be finished forming the retaining wall for the drive to the upper 1 BR villa with stairs down to the pool deck and a few extra parking spots. IMG_7057 IMG_7040 The pool deck is almost 50 yards long and the crew removed the floor posts from the southern pavilion. IMG_7091 The scale of the pool complex is off the charts. IMG_7095 One more week and these floor posts can be removed. IMG_7088It has been a fun week with Cami, and she's grown up a lot.  What a difference a year makes!   [gallery ids="6793,6762" type="rectangular"] She paid us a visit this week with Champion.   [gallery ids="6756,6758,6757" type="rectangular"] Charlotte also got a great deal on a mirror and Cami got to practice a little self reflection.   [gallery ids="6754,6753" type="rectangular"] She also got to take the ferry to St Thomas for story time.  Always a fun ride on the big ferry!   [gallery ids="6762,6761,6760,6759" type="rectangular"] Have a great week everyone!