Serious rain

Wow, Monday was a down pour, but Thursday was a humbling demonstration of the power of flash floods and lightning. We did ok, but lost two days of work and weren't able to finish the last 50 feet of our entryway due to lightning striking the concrete batch plant! Thankfully, most of the crew showed up this weekend to make some serious progress. Lots of plants left to plant, but we finally got the flagpole up on the Tower. The rooftop terrace on the Tower villa finally looks like we intended. Just one 8" bolt away from the cool hanging chair being in place. Finally, we were able to get started with the Total Wall on the driveway walls. Another sunny day, and we should be almost finished! A bit more clearing and the pool view will be uninterrupted. The fire pit has a high gloss finish on a polished concrete cap. Mauberge is making great progress on the wall by the Tower villa. Landscaping in front of The Orchid villa is almost complete. Had a few nice sunrises though... Have a great week everyone!