Happy Easter!

It's been a beautiful week on St. John and a lot of activity to report.  But first, it's also sunset here at Apito, and had to add this one before I posted.  Calichi is located on the highest point in the right of this photo. IMG_7289 We poured the parking area for the Tower Villa on Thursday and will form some steps this coming week.  IMG_7203 The step lights to the tower are in place. IMG_7207 It has been a beautifully clear week, and we love this view as you walk up to the roof top terrace and tower. IMG_7206 The alcove in the Tower Villa makes a pretty nice frame. IMG_7210 The bed platform and built-in side tables are in place, sidelights soon come. 20180401_081954_resized The entertainment center is now in place.  Television soon come. IMG_7183   The Tower Villa guest bedroom. IMG_7195 Larry also got the kitchen cabinet faces on in the Tower Villa and the upper 1BR villa.  The back splash is going to look awesome! IMG_7200 The upper 1BR is also ready for back splash and appliances. IMG_7178 The entry is almost complete, the Resysta is coming from Puerto Rico.  We're almost ready for some landscaping. IMG_7174IMG_7173IMG_7212 Poolside villa #2 has is getting ceiling tongue and groove installed, and the kitchen is ready to go into place. IMG_7219 Ready for ceiling and paint. IMG_7216 Some TotalWall, Resysta and a bit more tile and Poolside Villa #2 entry will be ready to go. IMG_7214 Entry steps to Poolside Villa #1 were poured this week too. IMG_7221 The flowers are blooming all over the island and our little garden is recovering well.  The ones on the left are passion fruit.  We have a massive vine and it is blooming like crazy!  Hopefully the deer don't find it before we get some fruit.  Bougainvillea on the right. [gallery ids="6853,6852,6851" type="rectangular"] We also decided to take the boat out for a few hours today to field test the new sun pads and give the engines a bit of work.  She's looking great and Cami and her bff, Ella, had a fun time on the water! [gallery ids="6855,6857,6856,6863,6864,6860,6858" type="rectangular"] Have a great week everyone!