Our first camper

David has claimed all he needs is a coffee pot and a shower.  We'll see how that works out for him!  It's always good to have a deadline though, and the team has responded over the last month to make sure we have a place for the fearless leader to stay. As a result, we're really focused on getting the top two villas habitable and furnished.  Manufacturing of the railing for the balconies is underway and our 40' container of solar panels should be arriving in St Thomas today.  Tesla Powerwall preparation is moving along, and with any luck, we'll start mounting solar panels later this week. We're also finalizing the reservation system and hope to launch that this week!  Just a bit more word smithing, and we'll be ready to go.  The appliances are ready for final installation, furniture is being staged, and we are awaiting final electrical and fixture installation, plumbing, etc. IMG_7415 Master bedroom almost ready to roll out the mattress. IMG_7416 There will be a trim kit for the microwave oven to give it the built-in look.  The fridge is small from a size perspective, but it is really spacious on the inside! IMG_7426 A high quality stacked washer and dryer will be in each home. IMG_7425 The upper 1-BR is just beyond the tower villa, and both homes will be ready to go this week and waiting on balcony railings and a few bits and pieces.  The kitchen back splash is just now going in, with appliances ready to go. Check out the view looking north from the dining area!  That's Jost in the background. IMG_7413IMG_7411IMG_7407 Poolside villa #2 has been getting some plastering and ceiling installed, but most of the finish guys have really been focusing on the top two villas. [gallery ids="6896,6898,6897" type="columns"] Poolside villa #1 is getting electric finalized and will host the PowerWall installation in its large equipment room which will power the pool and the two poolside villas. IMG_7439 IMG_7443   IMG_7445 The entryway stairs to Poolside villa #1 were poured this week. IMG_7437 The pool is ready for tile and plaster, but this will have to wait while the team continues pressing on the top four units.  There will be a LOT of tile on this pool! IMG_7451 Cameron went to Mongoose Junction on Friday night to support the Love City Pan Dragons during their fundraising concert.  She is a girl on the go, but fortunately we had lots of help to keep track of her.  Tag team parenting and grand parenting at its best. IMG_7364 Enjoying the concert! IMG_7383 And some quality time with Dad. IMG_7388 She also came up this morning for a visit.  15 months old today! IMG_7465 It was also a beautiful week here and the flowers are blooming, so here's a few shots of beautiful St John to get you through the week!