Happy Glamper

David wins the prize for the first guest at Calichi at Picture Point.  While the Tower Villa is still not ready for prime time, we had a bunch of activity on the site getting it ready for glamping.  Here's what it looked like on Thursday. IMG_7485 With a strong effort from the entire crew, we got most of our goals accomplished before David's visit.   Here's a glimpse at what the Tower Villa looks like today, with more to come in the near future! IMG_7557 Main living area and entry door. IMG_7550 A nice view to enjoy with your meal. IMG_7537 Full kitchen with all the comforts of home. IMG_7499 The dining area. IMG_7498 Love the range hood! IMG_7521 We were missing a piece from the pendant dining area light, but we found it on Saturday!  Trust me, it's beautiful. IMG_7495 The living area features a large, comfortable couch, along with a 55", flatscreen TV.  The grey pieces on the right of the photo are planters and will be going outside!  IMG_7525   Crate and Barrel outdoor furniture with Sunbrella fabric. IMG_7545 Don't worry, glass railings soon come. IMG_7543 I think I could get used to this setting. IMG_7537 David modeling the chaise lounges. IMG_7534 View from the master bedroom. IMG_7532 Glass railings will be here soon! IMG_7531 Comfy chairs, nice coffee table, and again, sturdy glass railings soon! IMG_7529 We also installed the first 8 Tesla PowerWalls...  more of those to come! IMG_7552 Enjoy the view! IMG_7553 And to close out the week, a few Cami shots and a shot of one of the butterflies that have been all over the island for the past few weeks! IMG_6397 Boat girl!  She WILL be a Captain.  :) IMG_6362 IMG_6359 This is the bougainvillea that lived at the bottom of our pool for 60 days after the storms. Then, it survived for a month on the side of a hill where I tossed it after getting it out of the pool.  We finally planted it.  What a survivor! IMG_7508 Have a great week everyone!