The Reservation System is here!

We've been tweaking the reservation system for the past few months, and we're now ready to go live!  We also wanted to be close enough to a reliable launch date and have all of our business requirements in place.  Take a look!

The team also got most of the railings and micro-inverters in place for the solar panel installation for the upper 1BR and the two poolside villas.


Panels this week!


To be blunt, this week was not a "sexy" week.  Steps being formed for pool access from the villas. IMG_7749 IMG_7748 Final waste treatment system in place, plus a little spot for a surprise.IMG_7746 The pool area received some plaster and fine tuning on the raw concrete to make sure the surfaces are plumb and pitched for tile installation. IMG_7744 Footers for the retaining wall for the upper roadway. IMG_7738 Stripping the forming from the spa area and backfilling. IMG_7739 Some final grading around the pool area. IMG_7740 Plastering on the Southern end of the pool complex. IMG_7743 And your weekly Cami update!  Shes trying to wear Lori's slidesFullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender That hair at the end of the afternoon is a sign of a great day.  Have a great week everyone!  Make your reservation today!