Solar is a go!

This week we'll be finished with the solar installation and will commission the Tesla Power Walls into service.  I can't wait to load the Tesla app to see how much energy we're producing.  The team poured the main retaining wall for the upper driveway and stripped the interior form on Friday.   Tomorrow, Wayne will back fill the wall with the material he's piled up on the left side of the photo. IMG_7940 Looking down at the new retaining wall from the top of the tower. IMG_7951 The crew has also spent a lot of time on the first two poolside villas with final plaster, tongue and groove ceilings, and walkway and entryway formation. IMG_7931 Walkway tiling this week. IMG_7932 Saturday was also the annual Wagapalooza dog show and fund raising event for the Animal Care Center here on St John. Cami stopped by to help Lori and me at the Burger & Hot Dog booth!  Have a great week everyone!