Happy Memorial Day - Part 2

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I forgot how much energy and focus it takes to babysit a 16 month old all day long.  She is a delightful blur of energy, activity and curosity. IMG_7972 We finally got a critical shipment in from the states last week which contains railings for the top four villas, window treatments for the bedrooms and kitchens, glass partitions for the bathroom showers and some much needed tile for the bathrooms and pool.  Larry also got back last Saturday from the states and is cranking away at the kitchen installation for Poolside Villa #2. IMG_8015 This should be a familiar look as this villa is the mirror image of the Tower Villa, but without the rooftop terrace. IMG_8013 Now that we have the tile to finish the bathrooms, we can truly finish off the Tower Villa with all of it's final pieces. Here is the newly installed shade over the kitchen window. IMG_7990 The Tower villa should have most of the railings installed by next week's blog entry.  Wayne has back-filled the driveway in front of the Tower villa which leads to the upper 1-BR.  We hope to get the road fully paved in the next 2-3 weeks.This week the team also formed a number of additional walls, stairs and support infrastructure components which we plan to pour this Wednesday.The pool complex is in the process of being plastered in preparation for a TotalWall finish, and we've staged 2700 lbs of cement along with sand to float and tile the pool deck area.  Now that the bull-nose tile is on St Thomas, and our glass tile is in hand, the pool is ready for finishing.  However, we're going to get all the bathrooms knocked out before we hit the pool hard.All solar panels have been installed and power walls for the upper villas and pool complex are installed and wired.  Commissioning of the PowerWalls will occur this week.  We can't wait to be able to check our energy status on our phones.  How much is being created, and how much is each house using? Have a great week everyone!