Punch List Time

While there are a few major tasks to be completed before we can call the top four villas complete, we're definitely in the punch list phase of the project for the top two villas.  One of those items was the chandelier in the Tower Villa The railing systems are installed on the top two villas, and the actual glass inserts for the railing system are on order and should be here within the next few weeks.   The shades and curtains are in place in the bedrooms so you can sleep in if you don't want to witness the sunrise in person! IMG_8241 Master bedroom shades in place! IMG_8242 Guest bathroom tile is complete with backlit LED mirror in place. IMG_8208IMG_8206 The upper 1BR villa also has its railing system installed, and bathroom is almost finished... And the chandelier is also in place.  Time to get this one done! IMG_8219 One of the large tasks remaining is the final footer and retaining wall for the upper driveway.  Then, back fill and paving the roadway.  FINALLY! The two poolside villas are also getting close with painting and cabinet installation occurring now. Here's Cami and her buddy JJ enjoying a drink at Aquabistro Friday night!  Have a great week everyone!