Happy Easter everyone!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter with friends and family.  It's a bit of a blustery day here today, and this past week has been cloudy and threatening rain, but it never seems to come.  We have 80+ yards on tap for tomorrow, and we're ready for it. The upper 1BR unit will receive its final pour tomorrow.  In another three weeks, it will be ready for doors, windows and  interior framing. FullSizeRender_2 All the electrical and plumbing are in Poolside Villa #1, and it is ready to receive concrete tomorrow as well for the slab.  The team will begin final forming for the roof and walls for this villa next week. FullSizeRender It doesn't feel like three weeks have passed, but that is the amount of time required to keep the floor posts and ceiling plyform in place for Poolside Villa #2.  After stripping the interior forms, this villa will be ready for it's window and door package! FullSizeRender_4 Sheraz and the team have also formed the back wall for the pool complex and will also pour this piece tomorrow. A bit of back filling after the concrete has cured and then on to forming the actual pool! IMG_2399 I was pleased to see that the team is also beginning the forming of the last piece of the tower villa!   The roof top terrace also has a small wall being formed for the planter.  It's almost time to finish off this unit! [gallery ids="3920,3917" type="rectangular"] Lots to be done this week!  I hope everyone has a great one!