Focus on the pool and top villas

For the next several weeks, we are focused on finishing the pool area, getting it ready for swimming, getting the two poolside villas completed, paving the upper road way and finishing off the top two villas. All the tile has been laid on the pool deck and glass tile in place. img_8661 The swim lane marker has been prepared and ready for tile.  We're still trying to locate the 6x6 tile we'll be using for the swim lane marker and the outside infinity edge. Frustrating.  They know they have it, but as they import so many materials each week, somehow, they cant find it. img_8669 The scum line has now been grouted and looks fantastic! img_8668 The lounge area and shallow landings will be a great place to hang out. a724ffb7-d70a-41c7-94c4-a7a61eb67e18 The Southern pavilion area is now ready for TotalWall since the floor tile has been laid. img_8663 The bar  and grilling area will hold 2 under counter refrigerators, two stainless steel coolers, a sink and nice grill.  Perfect for parties! img_8665 65' of lap complete with a lounging bench. img_8662 We're in good shape for our target finish on this area, assuming they find the rest of the tile. img_8666 Plastering is complete on the Southern pavilion and access. img_8667 The spa left Miami last week and should be arriving on St Thomas today. img_8658 Next to the spa, the retaining wall for the putting and chipping green is almost finished and will be poured as soon as the concrete plant opens back up after Carnival. img_8657 The Resysta installation continues as the upper 1 BR is now complete and the Tower villa is not far behind. img_8632.jpgimg_8633 The solar system and power walls have been pretty impressive so far.  No need for the grid! img_8673 I think Cami is having a blast with her other grandparents in Texas! [gallery ids="7338,7333,7332,7337,7336" type="rectangular"] She may end of being the most photographed individual in history!  :) [gallery ids="7319,7323,7322,7321,7328" type="rectangular"] I had to run up to D.C. this week, but had the opportunity to take this little guy from the local shelter to a new home in PA.  Weather in Atlanta made for a long travel day and this little guy traveled for about 14 hours before he left the airport!  He was completely passed out in this picture. img_8641 Have a great week everyone!