I finally caught them..

Sheraz and his team have always been ahead of the concrete availability.  It has taken about 500 yards, or 2M pounds, of concrete delivered over six weeks to finally catch up to their framing.  We had a bit of rain last weekend, so work was delayed, and when the trucks showed up on Monday morning, they were hustling to get everything ready for the 80 yards that was soon to arrive. They guys were pouring one side of the 2nd, 2BR Poolside villa while they finished closing up the forming on the other side.  That's tight timing! [wpvideo 5CDOUjr6] On Wednesday, the crew started reclaiming plyform from the exterior of the pool side villa and are reusing it for the cistern slab on poolside villa #1.   [gallery ids="3743,3744,3822" type="rectangular"] The roof and walls for the upper one bedroom home are being formed now.  One more pour, and this one will be finished with concrete. [gallery ids="3741" type="rectangular"] The final two homes have been excavated and work will start soon on them, as well as on the office and maintenance buildings. FullSizeRender (8) Wayne also back-filled the pool, stem wall areas and the team has almost finished stripping the forms from the pool foundation.  Here are before and after shots, so you can get a feel for how much material it took to back fill the lap lane stem walls. [gallery ids="3687,3735" type="rectangular"]   Here are a few cameo's of Cameron for your Sunday post! [gallery ids="3745,3748,3749" type="rectangular"] Ting was also a bad girl this week... FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender_1 (2) Have a great week everyone!