The tower villa reveals itself!

It has been a little over three weeks since we poured the ceiling and walls of the tower villa. The crew has almost finished stripping all the forms and removing the floor jacks from the interior of the tower villa, and we finally had a chance to see the true interior of the space.  It was not a pretty day, but we now have a sense of the interior space.  It will look smaller as we finish the interior, but imagine glass where ever you see a hole looking onto the horizon. [caption id="attachment_3686" align="aligncenter" width="640"]FullSizeRender_7 The living room view and covered front porch[/caption] The ceiling heights are substantial and will capture the expansive view. [gallery ids="3682,3685,3683" type="rectangular"] We poured the cistern walls for the pool this week as well as the stem walls for the first poolside villa which is now ready for forming of the slab. Next step for the pool will be forming the actual pool itself and the slab for the pool compound.  The small semi-circle on the back of the pool is where the fire pit will be located. FullSizeRender_8 The second poolside villa is ready for its final pour, which we hope to do tomorrow, along with the stem walls for the walkways and parking area between the two poolside villas.  Once this is complete, we can move our 20' storage container to the new parking area and finish up the parking area and entrance into the tower villa. [gallery ids="3691,3692,3690" type="rectangular"] We also got to spend some quality time with Cameron this week!  What a precious little girl.  It is awesome watching her connect more and more with the world and her surroundings. [gallery ids="3680,3679" type="rectangular"] Have a great week everyone!