Thanksgiving week

We welcomed our first "real" guests this week, and a good time was had by all.  Our first Thanksgiving on site.  Maybe we'll have to make this a tradition! IMG-1835 It was a relatively short work week as the crew took Thursday and Friday off.  We got the spa cranking Thursday morning, and it quickly turned into the "go to" spot as the sun went down. img_1822img_1804 It was a beautiful full moon, and the pool complex is nearly complete! img_1874img_1801img_1878img_1893img_1890img_1808img_1892img_1742 We had to pour a "lip" into the fire pit to support the stainless burner.  This will be filled with glass rock and will look stunning! img_1732 The landscaping is coming together.  I don't think I've ever seen this many bougainvilleas in one spot. I can't wait to see this in three months. img_1894 Each villa has hibiscus with crazy flower combinations.  In a few months, this will be dense with flowers. img_1739 img_1858 img_1905img_1916img_1902img_1904img_1903 If the sun keeps up, this wall will be painted and Mauberge can start his next stone wall project. img_1735img_1880 img_1915img_1913img_1908 We finally got the hanging chair installed! img_1911img_1910 Nice place to enjoy the view. img_1906 The moon was quite bright this week. img_1817 It was a great week for sunrises as well... img_1850img_1832img_1848img_1801img_1845img_1874img_1831-effectsimg_1852img_1875 Have a great week everyone!