Pool Time!

Yes, it finally happened...  this was a very busy very busy weekend, but the pool is now filled with a quarter of a million pounds of water. I'll keep it simple this week and just show a chronological collection of photos and video of the pool plastering process. Time is of the essence with this stuff.  It needs to be covered with water quickly, so it won't crack. The infinity edge has porcelain tiles on the outer edge and will extend the length of the outer wall. We are waiting for the rest of the blue tile. img_8836 We needed a thin coat of cement plaster on the raw concrete, to make sure it's perfectly level. img_8834 All the glass tile is in place. img_8835 The entire pool floor has been plastered with the traditional cement mix for waterproofing and leveling.  if this edge isn't absolutely perfect, to the millimeter, the water going over the infinity edge, will evaporate too quickly. Water is like gold here. img_8849 On Saturday morning, the full crew showed up to lay down the Diamond Brite, plaster finish. img_8863 img_8864 The plastering process must be completed in one, continuous process. img_8860 It was a misty day, but that didn't slow down progress, too much. img_8867 img_8871 A little bit of drizzle, so the crew covered, the already completed, lap lane. img_8876 After the plaster was completed on Saturday, the crew returned on Sunday morning to apply an acid wash to the plaster.  The first water truck showed up around 11:30 and by 4 PM the pool was full of water!  Seven, huge water trucks,  on a Sunday.  We love the love and are so grateful to our partners and crew. It's looking beautiful... img_8900img_8904img_8906 We let Tom, one of our pool consultants, have the honors of first dip! [wpvideo Nuf5zVlA] Tom's son, Reed, was a great help this weekend, and he was next in the pool! IMG_7181 Tom tested the water quality and determined what chemicals we needed to add to the initial water fill, to get the quality where we want it to be.  The helpful charts in the back of the manual tell us how to scale it for 28,000 gallons of water! IMG_7161 The last truck was for testing the infinity edge and filling up the surge cistern. img_8910   [wpvideo SDpPsrd2] It will take a few days to fully condition the water to the correct levels, but it should be ready for swimming by Tuesday! Cami and Charlotte are back home, and we are really enjoying hanging out and watching her grow up.  Here she is helping me clean one of the showers! 37186944_1916346121720154_6462686068234780672_n Have a great week everyone!