Spa Day

David and the fam were down for a visit this week, but that doesn't stop progress on the pool complex.  Our spa arrived on St Thomas early last week and on Thursday it was delivered to the site.  At 1400 pounds, this thing is awkward, but Wayne was up to the task. Task number 1 was getting it chained up and off the delivery truck. Wayne brings it the last 100 yards with a deft touch.  Had to spin it 180 degrees, and realized that the shop drawings didn't exactly match up with the actual spa as built. However, with a morning of chipping, the spa is now resting in place awaiting some tile for the spa area.  A bit of manicuring, some plumbing and it will be ready for relaxation! The spa will comfortably accommodate six adults with two full sized loungers on each end. IMG_8985 The pool continues to clear up and I'm learning more every day about this system.  Tom from Aqua Pro is the best though! IMG_9032 And Shane is growing up to be quite the photographer! IMG_8930 The glass is now in the Tower villa railing system, and the furniture is where it was meant to be!We're down to punch list items in the upper two villas, and the upper 1BR villa is very close to being finished! Sweet Caroline was in town this week with the family and got the opportunity to swim with a few black tipped friends over by Mingo Cay. [gallery ids="7457,7458,7459,7460,7461" type="rectangular"] Cami also spent some quality pool time together yesterday.  I believe she definitely approves! 37670583_10214279930330500_9149865896376795136_n37684241_10214279929610482_3149915941005950976_n Have a great week everyone!