What a week(s)!

Sorry for the delay, but I had to mourn yet another blown Atlanta lead in the city's hunt for a championship of any type.  I grew up in Atlanta, saw the Braves play at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and Turner Field.  I've watched the Hawks play at Georgia Tech with my granddaddy before they finished the Omni and there as well.  I've seen the Flames play, never did make it to a soccer game, but I've grown up with Atlanta sports team and have learned to deal with disappointment across a broad spectrum of professional sports franchises.  1-169.  That's Atlanta's professional championship sports franchise record with the sole championship barely won by a Braves team who had won their division for 13 years straight.  Enough of that though, what else has been going on over the last two weeks?  In a word; plenty. Week before last, we had our technicians from Con-E-Co on site to set up the batch plant and get us going.  The technicians from BASF and Given Hansco arrived a few days later and set up the chemical additives and software systems to control the batch plant.  We finished the week pouring a test slab in our own yard for our trucks. We also had a visit from our pool consultant, Shane LeBlanc, as I mentioned in my last update.  Shane worked with our blue print schematic to create 3-D renderings of the pool area which is currently being formed by the team. Here's the schematic: pool-floor-plan This is what it looks like now, waiting for the slabs and footings to be poured. fullsizerender Here's what it will look like when we're finished... img_1734 The pool area will have several areas to hang out in comfort with friends and family. img_1735 At the end of the lap lane, a secluded seating area made for relaxing. img_1736 In front of this area, guests will be treated to a nice fire pit and epic views. img_1737 The pool will have an infinity edge with built-in stools to take in the view in total comfort, a bench will extend the full length of the lap pool with a seating platform with large, wide entry stairs for toddlers to hang out on with their parents. [gallery ids="3307" type="rectangular"] A large seating area, aka the dance floor, with built in BBQ grills for pool-side cook-outs. buttermore-tom_008 There is also a bathroom with shower and an additional covered seating area at the south end of the pool complex. buttermore-tom_009 Pool view looking North. buttermore-tom_010 Adam and the team have been working virtually around the clock getting St. John Concrete cranking, and we poured several jobs last Wednesday and Friday.   Tomorrow morning we'll pour 48 yards at Calichi and 120 yards of the Bordeaux Road the following day with another 60 yards scheduled for this Friday at Calichi.  We should be completely caught up on our concrete needs in a few short weeks. Our final two trucks also arrived last week, and we got them registered.  We'll have four trucks in production upon our official start date on Monday. [gallery ids="3246,3245,3244" type="rectangular"] It takes a lot of material to fill one of these trucks and the aggregate bins need to be reloaded frequently.  Here's Adam loading aggregate (gravel, sand) into the batch plant. [wpvideo Gtj3XWDi] After a few long weeks, it was nice to relax on the beach today and watch the world go by for a few hours with Lori.  I understand there's a bit of snow up North.  Boston can enjoy another championship, I will enjoy my adopted home. [wpvideo UNST2qSa] Here's Cameron imitating the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!  Thanks to Steve Ponder for the photo mashup! fullsizerender_4 Have a great week everyone!