Driveway this week!

A driveway is not something you'd normally get too excited about, but it represents a significant milestone. No more heavy equipment on the upper portion of the site as we focus on the final details for the top villas and pool area. This poolside shower really turned out nicely and the glass inlay looks awesome. The bar is ready to be poured and the background tile wall is turning out beautifully. Mauberge and Cadet also finished off the fire pit this week. Poolside villa number 2 is rocking it and we'll be plowing through the punch list this week. The Capiz shell chandelier worked out well. We also finally got the right mirror for the upper 1BR vanity and finished it. The remainder of the 1x1 tile arrived, and we finished off the master bath in the Tower villa. Here's beautiful Cameron having a ballerina lunch! Have a great week everyone!