40 Yards in the books

Check out our sign!  We do see visitors in jeeps roaming around picture point and thought we needed to put up a sign to let them know we're coming! calichi-sign-at-pp We made quite a bit of progress with what is hopefully our last delivery from Heavy Materials.  It may not be sexy, but the 40 yards (160,000 lbs) was put to good use as we now have a lot of work in front of us before we're blocked again by the lack of concrete.  We can now continue work on 3 of the 4 villas. The team executed the pour on Friday with no issues, and immediately began work forming the walls for the 2nd 2BR Poolside villa today. [caption id="attachment_2620" align="alignnone" width="640"]fullsizerender-5 In one day, the cistern is well on its way[/caption] The cistern should be ready for steel this weekend and closed walls next week.  Then onto the floor slab for the 1st 2BR/2BA Poolside Villa. While it has been an logistical and bureaucratic labyrinth of byzantine proportion, all the pieces are coming together for the concrete business.  Once St. John concrete is up and running, we'll pour the terrace/ceiling level and the tower for the tower villa. Have a great week everyone! I won't tell you what the weather has been like down here.  Why waste the time when a picture says 1,000 words... img_1118