Golf on St. John?

Maybe not a golf course, but closer to one than anything we've seen on this little island in quite some time.  This also has to be the most impressive view from a putting surface in the entire VI.


Our friends Chris and Sabrina came to visit last week, and I think they approve of the view from the putting green. :) img_9610


How can that view be real?  Yet, it is...


We've also  finally received the white cement we'll need to pour the grill and bar counter top area this week.

The infinity edge and catch basin are almost complete and ready to be grouted. Just two more rows of this gorgeous 6x6 tile around the outside edge of the infinity section of the pool, and we're there.   Soon, some Royal Palms in the planter next to the swim lane will be planted.

We finally received some more mounting clips for the Resysta and Captain and team are cranking on getting the two pool side villas completed.  A final application of stain will bring the consistency we're looking to achieve.

We're ready to plant some additional coverage, but we still have some work to do on the driveway walls.

We've managed to get a few plantings started...

One of the final steps is installing the mahogany toe board.

Work continues on the driveway as the wall extends from the upper 1BR villa to the edge of poolside villa #2.

The tower villa driveway retaining wall is in place and Wayne is performing the final grading. Lori and I had the opportunity to get away for a much needed break last week.  We were very happy to return to a lot of progress on Calichi.  We got to hang out with some pretty cool animals on our trip.  These are squirrel monkeys.  The one on Lori's bowl has a 4 day old baby on her back!  (I'd like to think we are cuter than this.  We had just finished zip-lining in sweaty helmets when this photo was taken. ) img_9570

Lori got Cami one of these water tables, and she is really enjoying playing with it.

She is ready for some shopping as she has her favorite purse and her phone.  A girl on the move.

Have a great week everyone!