Happy Labor Day!

A happy Labor Day to all the hard working people out there! I'm usually quite the optimist, but this week has been a disappointment. We were scheduled to pour 50 yards of concrete on Thursday, but at 6:15AM, the heavens opened up and we got the Virgin Islands equivalent of a snow day. Nine inches of rain in about 16 hours. At least we know what paths the water wants to take coming off the property.  More rain, no concrete and no progress on Friday either! A lot to clean up. So, we'll tee it up tomorrow and see what we can accomplish in the coming week. The upper 1BR is completely complete, yes I meant to say it that way, and we've been focused on the polishing and buffing. There was the annual car show in Coral Bay today. They have a "loudest car stereo competition", and we could hear it quite clearly from our perch. At least the ball field is clear of debris. The National Park Service finally got the last of the destroyed boats out of the bays that make up hurricane hole. With our Irmaversary only a few days away, I hope it gave some closure to those who lost their homes during the storms. Ting certainly enjoys the view! K.D. also enjoys the porch... Everyone needs to visit Necker Island if you ever have the opportunity. Lemurs are without doubt the coolest primates. Cami is enjoying spending time with her other grandfather in Texas. We all miss her so. Have a great week!