Game On!

The excavator arrived in St. Thomas on Thursday.  After many, many phone calls to coordinate clearing customs, USVI import, arranging and then transporting the excavator from the shipping terminal to the car barge at Red Hook on the other side of St. Thomas, our new (used) excavator finally sailed into view on the Island Vic last night around 6:30pm. We've nicknamed her "Scoop Dawg". [caption id="attachment_673" align="alignnone" width="3981"]FullSizeRender Scoop Dawg enters Enighed Port facility on St. John[/caption] As the sun was setting, Wayne got her off the barge and parked her next to the party floats leftover from the St. John Carnival, which concluded on July 4th. Today, Victor came over and with the help of Bruce and Shiraz, got the excavator as close to the site as we could and then off loaded it for a 30 minute, 1.5 mile ride to the site. IMG_0493.JPG Fortunately, this is a lightly traveled road as the excavator takes up about 80% of the road space. [gallery ids="681,682" type="rectangular"]   After rounding the top of the hill, Wayne moved the excavator to the lower portion of the lot and moved the first shovel full of dirt! [wpvideo 4hCtMR9b] Wayne did some quick excavating of an old driveway which had been cut about 10 years ago in order to create a nice resting place for the excavator until we really get cranking on Monday! Game On!