Prepping for Plants

The top four villas are pretty much ready to go, and our focus is on putting in some hardscaping to create planters and planting areas as well as preventing erosion.  Mauberge is our master stone mason, and he has quickly put together many of the walls we'll be using for the landscaping coming our way. 43326496_337289187041716_1823493992617082880_n Mauberge admiring his handiwork.43471352_720332194984865_6806830325805613056_n We've also decided to increase the area of the parking pad for the Tower Villa to make entering and exiting a bit less challenging. The crew finished wrapping the southern pool pavilion in Resysta and our "lawn" has been prepped along with the small driveway we are creating to allow an easy access path to the pool pavilion.  After the driveway is poured, we'll finish off the Resysta wrap. IMG_0315 The crew will also be polishing up the concrete bar very soon.  We finally got the tile we've been waiting on this past Friday, to complete the surge tank exterior and the bar's face.  Here's a small sampling of some of the plants we're looking forward to planting very soon.  Have a great week everyone!