Rain, rain go away!

It's been a drizzly, downpour kind of week, and Friday ended up a complete bust with rare, thunderstorms passing through which took all day! We were going to pour some concrete this week, but we got rained out. ☹️ The crew was able to continue plastering the driveway walls, and we excavated and formed the last driveway, which provides direct access to the pool. The crew also buried conduit for the backup power feeds from the grid and a future generator. Wayne also hammered out the entry way, and we're ready for the final driveway pour on Tuesday. While the rain stinks when you're in it, it is actually quite interesting watching it pass by, and fabulous for every plant as well. The crew also focused on the pool area this week. We're still waiting on tile to finish off the bar, and the supplier sent the wrong tile last week. 🙄 When the correct, expedited tile finally gets here, we'll finish it. It is ready and waiting. So are we. Also got a pic of a few of the palm trees we've got heading our way. We're still tracking to have our top 4 villas and the pool area ready to go on November 1. Getting close! Have a great week everyone!