Pool party

Really pushing to finish up the top portion of the property and also have a little fun this week. We had a pool party on Saturday for an awesome group of volunteers who have been helping St John families since the storm. It was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all! Thanks to Nancy Gibbs for the beautiful pic! The team focused on finishing up laying and tying steel, forming and pouring the roadway to the pool complex. We got a late start on Friday afternoon, but finished most of the road after dark. Part of the team worked on finishing the punch list for villa #1. Barb came over this afternoon for some better shots which I'll put in next week's blog. The spa area will be tiled this week and ready for action by this weekend! Really looking forward to start landscaping this week in earnest. We're also excited about this pile of rocks, gathered from around the property, which will end up as a beautiful wall by the Tower villa. It's been a beautiful week, so I will close with some shots taken during it! Have a great week everyone!