Happy Memorial Day!

While Memorial Day is a great excuse for an extended weekend, I do wish to thank all of those who have served, for your sacrifices.  I read a book, "The Miracle of Freedom - 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World" a few years ago, and I'd like to share the following quotes: "Mankind’s history is one of systematic, arbitrary abuse and control by the elite. . . . It is a tragic history where hundreds of millions of unfortunate souls have been slaughtered, mostly by their own government. . . .  This modern day we live in, with the unimaginable blessings of freedom and liberty, is the aberration, not the norm. Further, simply because freedom exists today does not guarantee this gift will survive for future generations." "Even being generous in our estimates, it seems clear that fewer than five billion of the Earth’s total inhabitants have ever lived under conditions that we could consider free. This would be something like 4.5 percent of people who have ever lived. And these are generous estimates. The actual numbers might be much lower than this." How lucky we are.  To be born. To be born with freedom.   Thank you ladies and gentlemen.  Now on to the update! It has been a busy week and probably best to break it up by section! Internal work on the Tower Villa is moving along rapidly with Captain Morgan leading the charge on window installation.  Here's the first window going in. IMG_2941 By the end of the week, all of the transom windows and the large shower window are now in place. [gallery ids="4375,4353,4361" type="rectangular"] The electricians and plumbers have been busy roughing out the Tower Villa and we should be closing this one up soon. [gallery ids="4358,4357,4356,4355" type="rectangular"] The upper 1BR villa is coming along nicely and has an amazing view.  With the interior framing complete, it is next on the list for plumbing and electrical rough out. [gallery ids="4370,4372,4364" type="rectangular"] The team will be finishing up the retaining wall and walkway this week for the upper 1BR villa and we can finish off the parking area. [gallery ids="4363,4360,4359" type="rectangular"] Wayne was finishing up the excavation for the rest of the pool complex this week and the team will begin forming the footings for the pool "dance floor" soon. [gallery ids="4369,4365,4366" type="rectangular"] As we finish "up top", the team began focusing on the lower parcel and finished forming the cistern walls for the Honeymoon villa,  which we also poured last week. [gallery ids="4373,4380,4374" type="rectangular"] In addition to the great progress this last week, the final piece of the Bordeaux Road is finally complete.  Calichi @ Picture Point is 20 minutes from Cruz Bay and can now be easily accessed from Chateau Bordeaux as well as directly from Coral Bay.  This is a significant milestone in the development process and increases the convenience exponentially! Bordeaux Road It has also been a relaxing weekend so far for a few of the family members... [gallery ids="4434,4379" type="rectangular"] Have a great week everyone!