The sights and sounds of carnival are in the air.

St. John Carnival festivities started this week and will continue all month long culminating in J'Ouvert on the 4th of July.  J'Ouvert is basically an all night party with some seriously scantily clad patrons.  Personally, its not my thing, as I don't care much for late nights, crowds or loud music, but I am certainly not in the majority on this issue! [gallery ids="4466,4467,4468" type="rectangular"] Parts of the team formed and built a variety of walls and walkways this week, as we continue to focus on getting the top portion of the development buttoned up and finished. Poolside villa #2 will have it's walkway completed early next week. [gallery ids="4458,4457" type="rectangular"] The Upper 1BR Villa has been framed and is in the process of having its electrical wiring completed.  The team also formed, poured and stripped the forms off of the driveway retaining wall and entryway for this villa. [gallery ids="4450,4449,4451" type="rectangular"] [caption id="attachment_4448" align="alignnone" width="640"]FullSizeRender_1 Upper 1BR Framing complete[/caption] Captain Morgan and his crew focused on window and slider door placement in the Tower Villa. [gallery ids="4456,4454,4453" type="rectangular"] Next week will focus on finishing up concrete work for the upper two villas and finish the Tower villa window and door installation. Here's baby Cameron modeling the tutu we bought in Puerto Rico during our visit earlier this year. FullSizeRender_12 Have a great week everyone!