We have power!

Lots going on this week, but probably the biggest milestone is that we have now have working electrical in the Tower Villa.  The outlets are live! Bruce and the team also finished the installation of all the windows and doors. [gallery ids="4519,4518,4517" type="rectangular"] With electrical wiring completed, the next step is to close up the rear of the villa and finish off the interior. [gallery ids="4522,4521,4516" type="rectangular"] The wine cellar door is in place and ready for plastering and tile to be laid on Monday, with the installation of the cellar on Tuesday. [gallery ids="4523,4515" type="rectangular"] The team also removed all of the forms from Poolside Villa #1, focused on completing the cistern work and will start laying out the interior framing soon.  Like every villa in this complex, this one has spectacular views. [gallery ids="4504,4505" type="rectangular"] The team poured the walkway for Poolside Villa #2 this week, and we're expecting the door and window packages for the two poolside villas to ship next week from Miami. [gallery ids="4509,4510" type="rectangular"] The team also poured the parking pad and entryway for the upper 1BR villa.  We'll be able to use this area to store the sand the team will be using for the initial scratch coating and interior plastering. [gallery ids="4526,4520,4525" type="rectangular"] Work also continued on the pool area, where the team formed and poured footers and then formed the stem walls for the bathroom area and first pavilion.  You can see how it's lining up with the 3-D render Shane produced. [gallery ids="3317,4507" type="rectangular"] Lori and I also got to feed one of the newest members of the donkey community yesterday in Coral Bay.  Then, we also passed a hermit crab with style, crossing road, as we were heading downhill.  Crafty folks paint the shells, then leave them around for the crabs to find.  This one hit the jackpot and is ready to party. [gallery ids="4576,4574" type="rectangular"] And no blog is complete without your weekly dose of Cameron.  She rolled over this week and is really starting to engage the world.  She is very happy with her new skills and on her way to crawling.  Dogs beware! [gallery ids="4536,4535" type="rectangular"] She also took her first selfie! IMG_3185 Have a great week everyone!