Scratch that!

While it is great to show big, visible gains, now is the time for the detailed work and getting the villas to a finished state.  Final decisions on furniture, appliances, cabinetry, vanities, ceiling materials, electrical, plumbing, custom mill work and hundreds of other small items are in full swing to accommodate 6-12 week lead times and our target completion date. One of the major items we'll be focused on for the next several weeks is applying the scratch coat to virtually every piece of exposed "raw" concrete on each villa.   The scratch coat is basically a mixture of cement and sand, which provides a consistent, flat, almost finished coat to which the final coat of MasterWall will be applied.  MasterWall is essentially a mixture of sand and acrylic paint. [gallery ids="4762,4753,4750" type="rectangular"] The application of the scratch coat is almost complete on the Tower Villa, and we are expecting three color samples of MasterWall arriving in the container this week. before making our final selection. [caption id="attachment_4749" align="aligncenter" width="640"]FullSizeRender_1 Scratch Coat almost complete on the Tower Villa[/caption] The plumbers and electricians continued their work this week, and we put an initial 10,000 gallons of water into the upper cistern, installed the common pump and now have water flowing in each building along with electricity.  HVAC installation in the Tower Villa is also close to completion.   The team also removed the plyform from the pool complex and water sealed the rear of the retaining wall.  It's now ready to be back filled and time to form main pool deck and pavilions. FullSizeRender_6 The honeymoon 1BR villa floor is going into place and we finally got the opportunity to check out its view.  Of course, like all the others, it is beautiful.   [gallery ids="4756,4757" type="rectangular"] We're also fortunate to have our oldest son, Alex, and his lovely wife, Amy, visit us this week!  We spent a day on Calichi, visiting Normal Island and the Willy T, for a family fun day.   [gallery ids="4764,4819,4755" type="rectangular"] Next week will be busy as we receive the windows and doors for the poolside villas, finish forming the floor for the lower 1BR and create footings for the last villa. Baby Cameron is continuing to thrive and is now munching down on carrots like Bugs Bunny!  She's also getting better at actually swallowing the stuff, but it is still best to feed her without any clothes, as she's a messy girl! FullSizeRender Have a great week everyone!