Carnival is upon us and it has been difficult to get any concrete as the plant is out of aggregate and the Port Authority won't let us bring in our barges until after Carnival is over.  No worries though, the crew keeps working and progress continues.  We'll start this week's update with the Tower Villa.  Insulation is in place, water is running, HVAC is installed, backing for appliances, cabinets and other assorted items are in place, and we're getting close to closing up the walls and finishing off the villa with the final coat of TotalWall. [gallery ids="4848,4847,4846,4845" type="rectangular"] The Upper 1BR is awaiting concrete to finish off the driveway area and walkway wall, but the windows are going in and electrical and water are running. [gallery ids="4856,4859,4849,4850" type="rectangular"] The windows and doors for the two pool side villas arrived this week and the guys have started framing. [gallery ids="4844,4842" type="rectangular"] Work continues down below as Wayne has cleared out a spot for the lower parking area and the office/laundry building. [gallery ids="4862,4861" type="rectangular"] The Honeymoon suite is awaiting a pour for the main slab before we can continue on this one. [gallery ids="4867,4869,4863" type="rectangular"] We also received permission to visit one of the largest and best preserved, sugar mill estates this weekend.  From the sugar mill, to the great house, it was a bit of a pain getting there but well worth it. [gallery ids="4871,4868,4874" type="rectangular"] These are original beams you see in the picture, by the way.  I don't know when this was last used, but know it was built prior to 1780, as the site is present on this map from 1780. Oxholm Markup There was also an amazing beehive at the top of the sugar mill.  It was huge! [gallery ids="4873,4866" type="rectangular"] [caption id="attachment_4841" align="aligncenter" width="480"]FullSizeRender Yours truly on the steps to the grand entrance of the Great House.[/caption] Here's this weeks shot of my favorite little girl.  Have a great 4th of July everyone! IMG_4931