A short hiatus

After a week off from the construction blog, there is a lot to catch up on.  It's kind of like watching a puppy grow.  Take a few weeks off and a lot happens! We'll start with the Tower Villa.  The crew has been closing up the walls and tiling has begun.  It has been raining off and on for the last few weeks, and we can't seem to catch enough of a break to finish off the exterior plaster with the final coat of TotalWall. [gallery ids="4977,4981,4972" type="rectangular"] The crew also laid the first of the tile on the Tower Villa patio and it really is striking.  The tile is meant to mimic wood found in New Zealand. FullSizeRender_5 (2) The scaffolding will also come down and moved on after we apply the final coat of TotalWall. [gallery ids="4993,4985" type="rectangular"] On Tuesday, we should have the small white tile in from St Thomas, and we can lay that tile, install flashing and plaster the real wall of the villa.  We're also expecting the tile for the roof top terrace, entry ways and stairs this week.  Once the interior doors arrive in a month from Brazil, we'll be able to close in the remaining walls. IMG_3730 The upper 1BR villa is also making progress and not too far behind the Tower Villa. [gallery ids="4984,4994" type="rectangular"] Inside the upper 1BR villa, the team is closing up walls and finalizing the electrical work. [gallery ids="4992,4990" type="rectangular"] While the top two villas are moving onto tiling, interior plastering, painting and installation of the cypress tongue and groove ceiling work, Poolside Villa #2 interior framing has been completed and is being closed up.  HVAC is installed and window installation is next on the list. FullSizeRender_8 (2) While the top 4 villas continue toward completion, work has been underway on the offices and laundry facility.  One more pour and the concrete shells will be complete. [gallery ids="4979,4973,4980" type="rectangular"] The 1BR Honeymoon suite is also ready to be poured as the electricians and plumbers have completed their work this week. [gallery ids="4983,4976" type="rectangular"] Here's your weekly dose of Cameron cuteness.  Since I missed a week, you get a two-fer! [gallery ids="4987,4974" type="rectangular"] Have a great week everyone!