Springtime on St. John?

We all remember the devastation the island took on September 6th from Irma with Maria following hot on her tail 10 days later. [gallery ids="6157,6158" type="rectangular"] While the human recovery effort is plodding along, mother nature is in full recovery mode. [gallery ids="6159,6160" type="square" columns="2"] It seemed like all was lost and nothing would ever grow again.  Well, mother nature can throw a punch, and take one as well.   The flowers and trees are recovering and St. John will be the beautiful place we all love one again, very soon.  We’ve had good rain for the last month which has no doubt sped up recovery.  Lori and I have taken these shots over the last two days. [gallery ids="6146,6145,6141,6142,6143,6144,6135,6105,6103,6104,6100,6101,6102,6098,6091,6094,6095,6096" type="rectangular"]   The orchids at Aptio, which were well rooted, survived and some are even offering up buds and flowers of their own. [gallery ids="6125,6124,6123,6090" type="rectangular"] While many of our larger trees succumbed to the 250 mph gusts so common during the storm, and those which withstood the onslaught were left limbless and in shock. Tiny saplings, long struggling to make their way to the canopy, are now taking the opportunity to gain some ground in their quest for their place in the sun. [gallery ids="6127,6099" type="rectangular"]

Construction Update

We finally got the excavator back on site after 6 weeks of helping keep the roads open and passable.  The hurricanes caused many landslides and many more have followed as rain has been frequent and steady most weeks. [gallery ids="6149,6147" type="rectangular"] We also managed to liberate the 31 remaining buckets of TotalWall being held in the St Thomas Sherwin Williams.  The team is taking advantage of the sunny days we’re currently enjoying by finishing up the outside of the top four villas. FullSizeRender_28 The Tower Villa is awaiting interior doors so the team can finish up the Durock and plastering.  Once the external stair way lighting is installed, we can finish up the Total Wall on this beautiful villa. [gallery ids="6133,6132,6109,6108" type="columns"]   On the way back onto the site, Wayne took the opportunity to further clear Bordeaux Road so we can get our concrete trucks back on site as soon as possible. Our interior doors arrived in Puerto Rico last week and as soon as are done with finishing, hanging and installing glass and hardware they will be on their way.  With our custom mill work shipping from Nebraska on the 27th of this month, we will have all the necessary items to finish off the top four units.  The furniture order was placed prior to Irma, so we should have these units ready to live in by the end of the year after the solar is in place! [gallery ids="6137,6136,6131,6120,6121,6119" type="rectangular"] The crew is moving to frame the interior walls of the 1BR Honeymoon suite and laundry/office buildings as we await a few trades to finish their work on the two poolside villas. [gallery ids="6116,6110" type="rectangular"] Internet is still a challenge... sitting on the 3rd floor of the marketplace riding a borrowed WiFi connection and battling mosquitoes! IMG_5788 Here's a pic of Cami I hijacked from Grandfather Ponder's FB page... Wish I had more to share and wish I could take them in person! Cami Oh, love is also in the air...  3-4 new baby donkeys and here's a young guy hanging out at Skinny's! IMG_5320 Also got a chance for my first beach visit since the hurricanes.  Leah and Colin were there with their boat and all the dogs got to go for a ride! IMG_5765 Have a great week everyone!