Go Dawgs!!!

Yes, I know its a construction blog, but I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the SEC Championship game at the new Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta to watch the game.  And what a game!  As a long suffering Dawg fan, it has been a while since I've been able to attend a championship game where my team was actually competing.  I believe it is because our newest cheerleader was rooting for the team. 24829242_1669780606376708_1541777692_n Here is part of our motley crew just before the game, and no, I don't know the random dude who photo bombed us. :) 24819108_1669783599709742_498320396_o Ok, now that the bragging is over, onto the construction blog!  While I was gone, the team made some great progress on the office and laundry facilities.  The interiors are all framed in and awaiting the Durock to finish off the structures. [gallery ids="6289,6282" type="rectangular"] The honeymoon suite is also ready for Durock on the back wall, and it looks like we have one single window left to install. [gallery ids="6288,6287,6286,6285,6284,6283" type="rectangular"] Plastering continues inside and out on the two poolside villas. [gallery ids="6275,6274" type="rectangular"] The port finally opened on the island, and St John Concrete received some much needed sand.  We have a concrete pour scheduled for this Friday for the first half of the pool deck.  We are finally getting back on track! [gallery ids="6278,6273,6280" type="rectangular"] The Tower Villa is patiently awaiting interior doors.  Hopefully they will be shipping from Puerto Rico this week, and we can move this one toward its final stages. FullSizeRender_4 Have a great week everyone! IMG_5489