Our first "post-storm" pour

95 days without cell service, power and internet at our home on Mamey Peak.  I'm happy to report that two of those items are now fixed.  ATT finally activated their temporary tower on Bordeaux, and we're fortunate enough to have 4 bars of LTE service, so the cell phone and internet are back!  It's not broadband speeds, but when I click on a link, it actually loads something. [gallery ids="6300,6332" type="rectangular"] I delayed the normal Sunday edition as the pour of the pool deck was pushed out until today.    Here are a few shots from Sunday and then again, from this afternoon, after we just finished the pour. [gallery ids="6319,6301,6299" type="rectangular"] We also poured the footings for the 2nd half of the pool area today.  I don't have pictures of the pour from today, as it was getting dark, the no-seeum's were feasting on me and quite frankly, I wasn't feeling it.  :) [gallery ids="6318,6312" type="rectangular"] We even got a visit from a local VIP, our architect's son, who is all about the science of construction.  He approves. DaxThe crew also finished up installing the windows on the office, which like everything else on this site, has a killer view. FullSizeRender_4 We're ready to close up the one bedroom honeymoon suite as windows and doors are now installed. IMG_5626 We're still awaiting our interior doors so we can finish up the tower villa, but it's looking pretty sweet right now. FullSizeRender_11 You may not have heard, but the ball field in Coral Bay has been temporarily turned into a staging site for the massive clean up that has been going on.  Seems everyone is interested in solid waste separation. FullSizeRender_3 Here's your weekly dose of Cameron, who has apparently discovered her inner Mozart.  Her grandmother Patsy and aunt Rachel also taught her proper vacuuming techniques. [gallery ids="6324,6323,6336" type="rectangular"] The orchids are also doing well as every plant on the island is scrambling to recover. [gallery ids="6305,6327,6325,6304" type="square"] Have a great week everyone!