Forecast: Sunny with a chance of electricity.

The guys from BBC Electric have been working their collective tails off, along side the local WAPA guys.  While we still don't have power at our home on Mamey Peak, the guys are currently planting poles on our street and another crew just worked passed the Calichi at Picture Point, development site this week.   Unfortunately, there are ZERO transformers to be found on island, and it looks like we won't see power until sometime after the 26th of this month. We're still waiting on our interior doors, and we've completed most of the interior plastering on the first four villas.  Once the doors arrive, we can finish off the interiors of the top two villas. FullSizeRender_13 TotalWall, the final finishing coat of paint, mixed with textured sand, is on the way as the crew of masons continues to plaster every piece of raw concrete in sight. [gallery ids="6354" type="rectangular"] [gallery ids="6365,6357" type="rectangular"] Our tile crew finally returned from Santo Domingo this week, and the balconies of the poolside villas are currently being tiled. FullSizeRender_25 The pool pour went well, and the work began in earnest to form the last half of the pool walls.  This pool will be unbelievable. [gallery ids="6362,6341,6343,6340" type="rectangular"] If you recall from earlier blog posts, the finished product will look like this... [wpvideo HjamOIms] Once the TotalWall is applied, the result is striking.  We're really pleased with Lori's color selection.  It has exceeded our expectations. FullSizeRender_6 The contrast with the New Zealand blue wood tile really pops! [gallery ids="6350,6354" type="rectangular"] Also, please keep poor baby Cami in your thoughts.  She has the flu and is not feeling well at all. :( IMG_5741 And lastly.... this young gentlemen has grown up around this construction site.  He's always hanging around looking for a hand out. FullSizeRender_21 Have a great week everyone!