Have an electric holiday!

109 Days, or 3 months 18 days and for those who like percentages, 29.9% of 2017 without being on the grid.  If it weren't for the three to four hours of generator time each day, it would not have been an option to be here the whole time.  If I ever had the romantic notion of living on a boat full time in my mind, it has been quelled forever.  Kudos to my old man, whose birthday is also today, (happy birthday Dad) and has lived on a boat for about as long as I can remember. FullSizeRender_17 We received our interior doors this past week!   Once installed, it will enable us to take the next step in finishing the interiors.  The container with the mill work should ship out of Miami this coming Wednesday, with master cabinet maker Larry right on its' heels. FullSizeRender_13 More plastering and tile work were also on the agenda this week, [gallery ids="6388,6387,6386" type="rectangular"] along with finishing up on the forming for the 2nd half of the pool area. [gallery ids="6376,6380,6372" type="rectangular"] The tower villa and upper 1-bedroom are ready to under go a lot of changes to the interior.  It's time to get these beautiful villas ready for guests! [gallery ids="6377,6378,6375,6379" type="rectangular"] Lori and I also want to give out a huge shout out to Tony Ficarra who has been on island with BBC since mid-October.  He left island yesterday and took home an awesome rescue puppy! FullSizeRender_10 Cameron is also feeling much better.  She's got such a joyful, little soul! [gallery ids="6393,6392,6391,6390" type="rectangular"] And hanging with her dad watching some football in Texas.  :) FullSizeRender_12 Have an exceptional holiday everyone!  St. John is coming back!  Check out this video Jenn from News of St. John posted.  A Christmas card from the island to everyone who loves St. John! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5Pjkt3eXvM&w=560&h=315] Have a great week everyone!