Happy New Year!

Good-bye 2017.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Hey, that's a good line. Somebody could use it to start a good book! Here's where we were on this day one year ago...  The floor of the Tower Villa was in the process of being formed and the upper 1BR was getting its cistern walls formed. [gallery ids="2856,2851,2849,2850" type="rectangular"] Even with losing 3+ months due to the hurricanes, the site is quite a bit different these days. [gallery ids="6429,6414,6413,6426" type="square"] The custom mill work, consisting of kitchen cabinets, vanities, counter tops, entertainment centers, cedar closets, custom bed frames and headboards, side tables and other assorted goodies shipped from Miami last week, and should be on St Thomas this Wednesday!  That same day, two additional 40' containers ship with 35 pallets of furniture, the flagpole, mattresses and a bit of this and that. Even though it was Christmas this past week, the crew worked and finished forming the bathroom area for the southern end of the pool complex. FullSizeRender_5 The pool complex is much larger in reality, than even I anticipated.  It will be an incredible venue for relaxing alone, or with friends and family. FullSizeRender_6 The retaining wall, which will form the rear of the pavilion structure at the northern end of the pool, is 14' high.  Once this is poured next week, we'll finish the Northern pavilion and pool decking.  Then we can tile the pool, deck and furnish the area. IMG_5981 Lori and Lincoln give you some perspective on the size of this pool area, which is without question, one of the largest, private pool and pavilion areas on St. John. FullSizeRender_3 (2) The view from the north facing, dining room window in the upper 1BR villa is to die for, and the view out the front door is not too shabby either! [gallery ids="6434,6433,6410,6432,6408" type="rectangular"] Lori and I took a short trip to Miami the 26th through the 30th to finalize the order on patio furniture and curtains for the bedrooms.  That is the last piece of the puzzle!  Since Lori is on the petite side, she was again selected as the co-pilot for the 40 minute flight from San Juan back to St Thomas. FullSizeRender_3 Cameron had a about a week more of hanging tight with Charlotte before she blessed us with her presence around this time last year.  Almost one year later, she is a joyous little soul and seems to have fully recovered from her bout with the flu.  It appears she's also on a weightlifting regimen to regain her strength. [gallery ids="6402,6398" type="rectangular"] Champion and Ting are also enjoying the break with some well needed sun time on the deck. FullSizeRender_1 I sincerely wish everyone a happy, healthy and adventure filled 2018!