Busy week ahead!

It was a busy week, and the next seven days will be action packed! St. John has had undeniably calm, clear weather lately, but Friday's weather turned rather dicey. Lots of tropical plants arrived, though, despite the weather, with more to come this week as we finish off the pool complex. Ruby red grapefruit, avocado, tangerine, lime, orange, mango, banana, plantains and more... The Tower villa roof top terrace has received an generous allocation of dwarf oleander in the planter around its perimeter. The crew also completed the first phase of burying all of the power lines to unclutter the view, and we'll finish the entry driveway on Wednesday. Tiling is now complete for the spa. Railings for all exterior stairs are finally on St Thomas from the state of Washington! It was a very beautiful week... Mauberge will finish off this fantastic stone wall this week! We'll also pour the stem walls for our final villa. Have a great week everyone!